While we have the capacity and ability to help you with any management challenge, we are especially well-suited to guide your supply chain management and optimization. We can support you when you are:

CEO & C-Suite:

Art Koch's Profit Chain™ - Turning your value chain into profits
Profitable Supply Chain Wheel
Entropy Busters® - Not getting anticipated results?
Inventory Is Evil!™ - Inventory is not a security blanket
The Law of 1% - Complexity Rationalization
Finding Genius and uncovering castaways
When the "Unfiltered Truth" is needed.
Advisory and sounding Board
Strategy Consulting
Re-engineering of Supply Chain

High Growth and Large Divisions of Multinationals:

Art Koch's Profit Chain™ Performance Assessments
Building blocks to critical supply chain principles and foundations
Change Leadership skills for growing and sustaining excellence
Simplifying processes
Align your supply chain with a Lean enterprise.
Investing in key leaders - coaching and mentoring


Supply Chain and Operations triage.
Interim leadership roles.
Turning Operational Problems into Profits.
When you need to hear the "Unfiltered Truth".
Simplifying processes; Kanban and supermarket design.
Do what you say…say what you do… Forgetting buzz words!
Data and process integrity - Entropy Busters®.
MRP, DRO and ERP application.